Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lacking motivation

For some reason I am really lacking motivation to finish my two latest A&S projects.  I'm working on another silk embroidered bag for Kingdom A&S based on this reliquary bag and a beaded filet/circlet/headband thingie more or less based on this picture.  Both are moving along, but I just don't want to work on either one right now.  Nor do I have any drive to write up my other A&S50 projects that are actually done.  I'm blaming this on the holiday's and some piles of knitting and sewing I've been doing for gifts and for commissions.  With any luck, that part of my life will soon turn profitable and help to fund some of the work I like to do (like relic bags, and tablet weaving and the like!)

In other news, I got a grown up loom!  For free!  It's a 36 inch LeClerk Artisat 4 harness floor loom a friend had gotten used a number of years ago and since grown out of.   I'm calling her Bertha, anything that takes up that much of my living room has to have a name.  She's bigger than I had planned to get, but free makes up for a lot, and this way I won't outgrow the loom in six months like I would with a small table loom.  This should last me a good while.  Now I just have to build a warping board, which I should be able to get done after Christmas, and get some boat shuttles and bobbins and decide on my first project.