Here are some on-line shopping resources for your historical sewing and reenactment needs.  I'll be posting new links here as I find merchants I like and who provide products which are of use to my SCA life

Fabric and Sewing Supplies

  • - for linen.  They have good prices, and ship quickly.  The heavier weight linen does tend to pill and shed a bit.  I've noticed a marked drop in quality over the last few years.
  • Gray Line Linens - Great quality linens in a range of weights and colors.  The color cards are a really good investment and prices are reasonable.
  • - for wool, and sometimes linen.  They usually have a good selection of nice quality wools for around $10 a yard.  When they have sales, it's even better.  Check back often as the stock changes quite a bit.  Also a good source for quilting cottons
  • for linen and silk sewing threads (remember you have to wax the linen thread)
  • Burnley & Trowbridge has a great selection of linen thread, sewing notions, wool, linen and silk fabrics (get the swatches for more selection than what they show on the website).  They mostly cater to 18th century reenactors but a lot of the things they carry will work well for earlier periods too.  They ship very quickly.
  • Renaissance Fabrics - online fabric shop catering to SCA. Ren Faire and historic costumers.  Lots of good jacquards and brocades as well as trim.
  • Fashion Fabrics Club - You can find some fantastic deals on wools and silks and sometimes linens, but sometimes the descriptions given are less than great.  You might not be able to use what you ordered for the original project but you will be able to use it for something.
Household Goods

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  1. I'm curious as to where you found your smoothing stone that you used in your post about weaving towels. It looks very interesting, but I'm having trouble finding anything similar on the internet.
    As a side note, do you think it could be used for smoothing a hemp-based linen weave? Can you talk about the smoothing process in a bit more detail?