Friday, June 28, 2013

All is well

I've been madly busy with getting ready for my first trip to Pennsic (hooray!!) in a couple of weeks, finishing up some long-delayed commissioned work, keeping up with orders from my little knitting bag business, and trying to work through some less-than-fun health issues which has left little time or energy for keep up to date on my blog.

In the midst of all this, the DH lost his job.  He found a new one quickly, and ended up being out of work for  just under a month, but it derailed a number of things, not least of which was a much-longed for move back to California.  At some level I had never really believed it would happen, but I've wanted to go back home so badly for so long it was still a blow to have even the chance of it happening finally taken away.  I hate living in Virginia for to many reasons to list, now I really have no choice but to learn to live with the bugs and bigots and miserable weather and the crap shopping.

At least I get to go to Pennsic.  I am really looking forward to that.  With a little bit of luck I will have the book cushion finished and ready to put into the A&S display fully finished too!  It's coming along quite nicely, I've got all of the pattern stitching done and am just past halfway done filling in the background.  Once I get that done, the finishing should go fairly quickly.  I'm not planning anything too elaborate, just a simple braided edge.  I am really looking forward to getting this thing done, partly because I'm sick of looking at it and want to move on to something else, but partly because it actually looking pretty cool and I want to put it to use.