Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Somehow or another I have managed to actually start a very small, itty bitty business!  And the Christmas rush has been driving me nuts!  That's what they don't tell you about working for yourself...it's all "you can set your hours" (not mentioning that they will be 7 days a week) or "you can work in you PJs" (because you won't have time to put on real pants).  November was a good first month, December has been even better, and I'm hoping to keep the ball rolling into the New Year now that I have some product ideas that people seem to actually want.  Yay!

Not that this has anything to do with this particular blog.  :)  Except that I am thinking about doing some hand dyed rovings, so that's sort of relevent.  Kind of.

Anyway...I am exhausted!  And totally ba-humbuging the whole holiday thing.  Tomorrow should be the last day for orders I *must* get mailed, so then I can rest a little, maybe bake some cookies and try to get into the Christmas spirit, or at least into the I-don't-want-cry-I'm-so-tired spirit.  Then maybe, just maybe, I will have time to actually make something new for 12th Night. 

I ordered some really gorgeous new wools from Fabric.com last week (? I think?) when they were on sale for $4.99 a yard.  Of course, I feel so fat and repulsive right now, the idea of making a dress out of such pretty fabric seems terribly wasteful, and I do have my blue linen houp I can wear.  Maybe with the new hat I've been planning. 

We'll see.

First, a nap.  And some eggnog, heavy on the rum! :)