Thursday, November 18, 2010

New challenge and current projects

Having gotten back into the SCA this year after a 12 hiatus, I found myself as Baronial A&S Champion before I new what I was happening.  It's been a great honor, and a great personal challenge to actually finish projects, try new things, and push myself to enter competitions (something I usually avoid like the plague).  Since my term in that roll will be over in another few months, I've decided that joining in the A&S 50 Challenge will give me some of the structure I seem to need to both try new things and actually finish projects in something approaching a timely manner.

So, for A&S 50 I've committed to learning 50 new things about textile production in the middle ages.  I've been sewing costumes and embroidering for years so doing something in that area would not be much of a challenge, and I already know how to spin and the very basics of weaving, so I think this will be a good expansion of my current skills.  I've wanted to learn a lot of these things for a long time, I just haven't had anything pushing me to actually do it, so the structure of the challenge should be  perfect!  As I finish projects, I'll be posting pictures, notes and documentation on this blog.

My tenure as Baronial Champion should be up in May, and I currently have two competitions I'm working on.  One is our local Interbaronial Twelfthnight  celebration, and the second is Kingdom Arts and Sciences.  I'm less worried about IB12, which is at the end of January, and far more worried about KAS which is the first weekend in February.  KAS will be my second Kingdom level A&S competition, and aside from stepping it up on the documentation, I really don't know what's expected.  I'm not entering the pentathlon (thank god, I did that at WOW in October and placed 2nd, which was great, but I don't feel a need to do that again this year), there's a special competition just for Baronial Champions that I'll be doing, but the guidelines are pretty vague and I don't know if I need a whole huge display or just my project.  Right now I'm planning on a display, I've just got to work out how to lay everything out.

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