Monday, January 17, 2011

Revising expectations

I guess I am the only one who cares, but it bothers me when for one reason or another I don't get things done on time.  Really, I should have known trying to get two fairly major projects done and competition ready soon after the holidays would be unrealistic, but I am still vaguely annoyed with myself.  That being said, I've decided to scrap my plans to enter our local 12th Night competition at all, and will be entering a partly finished project into the Interbaronial Championship at KAS.  The incomplete project really upsets me, but the embroidery pattern ended up taking a whole lot longer than I thought it would, and I have two other completed relic bags to go alongside the incomplete bag, so it should not be so bad.

On a plus note, I should be able to get a Triathalon entry together for Ymir in mid-February, which will even get a few steps closer to my A&S 50 goal.  I still have some hand-woven madder dyed wool I will be making a Jorvik hood out of, along with a soapstone spindle whorl and a nice mustard recipe (or two) to round it out.  The hood is basically done,   I just need to hem it and make the ties.  The spindle whorl has been shaped, I just have to polish it and make the shaft, and I already have the mustard sauce recipes picked out.  Hopefully this means I'm getting past my mid-winter malaise and will get back to my usual productive self soon!

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