Thursday, November 8, 2012


One of the other reasons I've not been posting much in the last month is the little dude you see here.  Meet Atticus, the three-legged chihuahua.  I take no responsibility for the name, it's about the silliest thing you could call an 8 pound dog.  Atty is a rescue my husband found and decided we need to add to our pack, so we've been working with him and the other two dogs to integrate him into the house and re-potty train him.  It turns out his front leg was amputated only about a month before he came to live with us so he has had a rough go of it and a lot to adjust to in a pretty short time.

Aside from the potty training issues (which the neurotic cat decided to join in on, just for kicks, that was tons of fun to clean up), he's a sweet little guy and has been a great addition.  It amazes me how unfazed he is by the missing leg, he gets around just fine and I have yet to find something he can't do.  Three dogs is far more work than two though, which I was not expecting.  Two wasn't much more work than one, I wasn't expecting three to be this big a difference.  Suffice it to say that there is a lot more chaos and a lot more comedy in the house, but also a lot more puppy love so it's all worth it.

Except for possibly the insane amount of pee I've been cleaning up, that's just been gross.  I have literally tried every pee-cleaning and pee-deterring product at the local pet supply store.  I am the Crazy Pee Lady.

The carpet is going to have to go.  As soon as we get the potty training sorted.  

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  1. and after a while, 3 dogs will feel normal. But you both have to double up on the puppy petting 'cause when one sees some lovin' going on, all of them want to get in on the action.

    And thank you for giving a little dog a home.