Monday, November 25, 2013

Warping the Warp Weighted Loom

I got a warp weighted loom for my birthday (yay!) and what with it taking longer than expected to get here, fiber show season, crazy event season, and general life stuff it's taken until today to get started warping it.  Very shameful but at least it's getting done.  For now I'm just planning to weave some simple tabby legwraps for myself, as this will be relatively easy and I need some legwraps.  I'm using an alpaca blend laceweight yarn that was on sale at my local yarn shop.  The warp is a honey color and the weft will be a wine red.  They should be rather pretty when done.

I've got as far as tying the weights to the warp bundles and chaining the warps together.  I was not planning on doing the chaining, but because I ended up sing fewer weights than I had planned the chains are really helping to keep the warp spread evenly.  Plus I can anchor the bottom of the work to the sides to the loom which will help prevent draw in.  I still need to knit my heddles, once I get that done I can start weaving!

I do have to say, the 5 inch wide warp looks pretty silly on the 4 foot wide loom, but what are you gonna do?  Once I get the hang of this I plan to do a large piece of fabric, perhaps for a hood, and that should not look quite so silly.

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