Sunday, February 2, 2014

Another elevation cloak

I've been asked to do the embroidery for another elevation cloak, this time for someone I know well.  It's a secret so no further details than that until after the fact, but I am planning on doing the order insignia on a morse rather than on the cloak itself, as this is more appropriate for the persona in question and will look less like a football jersey than a lot of the cloaks that are out there.  Plus I think the person will actually wear the blasted thing if we do it this way.

Anyway, the cloak will be wool.  I was thinking I would do the morse in velvet, partly so I can incorporate more of the personal heraldry and also it won't stretch as much.  Plus I won't need to do tons of underside couching to cover something ugly (yay for that!)  The thing I am wondering is how best to transfer a fairly intricate design onto the velvet?  The best suggestion (ok the only reasonable one really) is over at Needle'n'Thread and suggests using a combination prick-n-pounce and paint.  This seems like it would work but also sounds like a huge PITA.  Is there as easier way?  If not, that's what I'll do, it just seems like we would have come up with a magic pen or other transfer device that was simpler than this by now.

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  1. Instead of pouncing and inking, you could secure a thin piece of paper over the mounted velvet and then sew along the lines of the design with tacking stitches using a fine thread. Then, the paper could be carefully torn/cut away, leaving the design.