Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rewind please?

What a miserable week.  I went to California for a jewelry show last week, something totally outside the scope of this particular blog but I've been trying to see if I can make profitable over the last few months.  The show did not go well, but I'm not really sure why.  It didn't seem like any of the vendors there were selling much, so as far as a learning experience goes it was kind of not that helpful. 

Business matters aside, the trip sort of went down hill from there. Trying to get home on Sunday, the plane I was supposed tot ake out of LAX developed some sort of water leak and the flight got canceled, leaving me stuck in LA for 11 extra hours, with another 5 hour layover in Miami.  When I did finally get home Monday afternoon (only 17 hours late and not having slept or eaten properly) I found my cat sitting on the living room floor in a puddle of her own urine and unable to stand up.  The vet did what she could but she (the cat, not the vet) ended up having to be put to sleep yesterday morning.  According to the DH Maya (the cat) had been  acting strangely for the last couple of days and he hadn't seen her move on her own since before Saturday.  I feel awful that I wasn't there for her, not that I could have done anything.  Poor old kitty.

Anyway, the trip wasn't a total fiber waste.  I did stop by Village Spinning Weaving and get some more Gotland for my never-ending warp spinning project.  I'm trying to spin up enough to weave either an apron dress or one of the short sleeves Greenland dresses.  So far I have 3 shades of Gotland for the warp, but I think if I warp carefully that won't be a problem.  I will need to make sure I get all the same color wool for the weft or I'm going to have a crazy checked dress.  I also got some bamboo to try out for tablet weaving.  It's much less expensive than silk, making it less scary to work with and get wrong, but has a fairly similar hand so it should (I hope) work up better than the cotton I have been using for the London bands.  I want to make a filet, similar to the one in the MOL book with the bits of fake hair still attached.  That particular band did not work at all well with the cotton so hopefully the bamboo will improve things.  Once I get the hang of things a little better I will move on to silk, I'm just not brave enough yet to spend that kind of money on a learning project.

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