Sunday, June 3, 2012

Finished Apron

I finished my smocked apron just in time to take it to Ruby Joust last weekend.  I'm quite happy with how it turned out, and got lots of compliments on it at the event which always helps.  After wearing it all day, I'm very glad I used the shallower pleats.  The apron is made from a 36 inch square piece of fabric (maybe a little longer but not much) and pleated down to about 14 inches.  The proportions look like what is seen in the artwork, so I'm fairly confident that the originals would have been done with shallow pleats as well.  Of course this does make doing the actual smocking a little harder, but that's ok.

Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of me wering the apron, but you can still see how it turned out.  The whole thing is hand-sewn with linen thread through I did use modern poly sewing thread to do the pleating (mostly because I didn't waste my good linen on basting).  I'm looking forward to doing another one with a slightly more interesting smocking design.


  1. Very beautifully done and very inspiring! Hope you can get a photo of you wearing it posted, though. It would be great to see the proportion on an actual body!

  2. That is so beautiful!! I agree with Edyth, I hope you're able to get a photo of you wearing it.

  3. Thanks! The apron comes down to just below mid-calf. It's long, but that seems to be the length in the artwork I've found, plus it keeps the fullness from the smocking from looking like a linen tu-tu. I'll try to get some pictures this weekend at the event I'm going to.