Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Totally finished book cushion of doom!

All together, this blasted thing took 175 hours and 5 minutes to embroider and another 8 hours 45 minutes for finishing (that includes carding wool for the stuffing, sewing the interior pillow, constructing the whole thing and doing the braided edging).  I cannot being to express how glad I am that this project is done.  At some point today I actually had the rather distressing thought that making another cushion for my chair might be a good plan.  God help me.

I'm not sure what the next big project will be.  Probably the Mary of Hungary smocking, now that I've got past the planning stage and got this done actually tackling the stitching sounds a lot more appealing.  I've got a couple of other smocking projects I want to work on as well as some weaving things that have been set aside while I've been trying to get this done, plus I need to get back on track with my A&S 50 stuff.  Lots of possibilities!  And yay for getting a big thing done and off my plate!


  1. Beautiful... just beautiful. Love it Heidi!

  2. Very nice indeed! Yay you're done!!!

    I totally understand Heidi, my mega project (with several pieces) took three years. The burn out still hasn't left me. The cushion would be even larger. My recommendation would be to do that one only if you can do it without pressure simply to keep your hands busy - waiting rooms, in front of the TV, at meetings. \

    Have a great time at Pennsic!

  3. Hi, I met you at the Pennsic A&S display. I'm the one with the German Brick Stitch bag :)

    The cushion looks awesome, you should totally make another one!

    1. It was so nice to meet you! Your bag was beautiful!

      Another cushion...heh. Maybe I'll think about more brick stitch when I can stand looking at the cushion again. For now I'm pretty excited about working on something else. I've got a blackwork coif just barely started and a couple of other small projects to keep me busy. :)