Saturday, March 12, 2011

Greenland cloth is done!

Not quite sure how this happened but I managed to finish the weaving for my Greenland project yesterday!  Hurray!  There are some mistakes, which I am hoping will be less obvious once I get the hood cut out, but overall it looks pretty good and had a wonderful drape to it.  As compared to the less-packed weft sample, the difference in hand is really quite remarkable.  I sort of think that might be part of the reason for the packed weft - the cloth is both warm and light weight.

I did have some problems with selvage threads breaking on me.  I think this is because of friction on the outermost warp thread coming through the reed and a little too munch tension on the outside warp bundles, as I had only a couple of other problems and those were mostly when I was threading and got a little goofy with the snips, and one warp that got tangled on something and broke under tension.  My tensioning issues all worked themselves out when I washed the cloth, so yay for wool!

Some pictures of the finished product, it's still a little rumpled from the wash but you can get the idea.  You can see where I forgot to weave in a broken warp in the top shot, and the contract between the two different wefts I used in the bottom shot:

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