Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Knitting frustration

A quick post to say that my project for this weekend's event (hah, nothing like the last minute you say?) is, in typical form, not going well.  The mitten portion is done and looks wonderful, the hat is giving me grief.  I was going to do a flat cap and got halfway done with the crown (those buggers take For.Ev.Er. to knit BTW) when I realized I wasn't going to have enough yarn to finish no matter what I did.  Gah.  So, I frogged the whole thing yesterday and started on a Monmouth cap.  Still a hat, still a different gauge than the patterns out there so it's not a too-easy knitting part of the project, and I should be able to get it done pretty fast and not run out of yarn this time.

It's also still boring as hell to knit, like most period European knit (except the Sion bags), and means I have to start over on my hat portion of the documentation.  Sigh.  I can do this, right?  It's not a huge A&S event, I don't need a 20 page opus or anything and there's the spinning and dying and wool processing part to talk about and that none of that has changed.  Just the knitting.

Did I mention it was boring to knit?  Just round after round of boring old stockinette.  Sure, there's some vaguely interesting construction with the brim but I've done that sort of thing before so it's rather lost it's glamor and besides which, that's hardly enough to make a vast expanse of stockinette interesting.  It would probably be soothing and mindless if I didn't have to worry about writing up the documentation as well.

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