Thursday, May 26, 2011

Monmouth Cap and MOL Mittens

Here they are in their glory!  I will post the documentation as soon as it gets a once over from a fresh set of eyes.  This is my entry for this weekend's raw wool challenge.  I spun the wool quite awhile ago, and just did the dying (my latest experiments with madder which I posted about recently).

I like that the hat and mittens are more functional and less fashionable, things an ordinary working person might have had.  Or a kid out for a romp in the snow.  In this case, an over-sized kid, but certainly not the little lordling I'm usually trying to dress.  The mittens are ambidextrous too, which just goes to show that Elizabeth Zimmerman's suggestion to knit mittens in sets of 3's might have been around for a good long while.  We have this one because a kid dropped it in a field after all.

Now I should just have time to get to activities night tonight and get myself packed up for the weekend in the morning without a huge rush!  Or at least not any more than the usual amount of rush.  Thankfully the doctors appointment that was scheduled for tomorrow late in the afternoon got moved to yesterday, so I am free to leave whenever I am ready and will be able to beat some of the traffic.  As long as I get there in time to set the tent up in daylight I will be doing ok.

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