Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's doing

I freely admit that I'm a project collector. One of the email lists I'm on has been discussing this, and it would seem I'm not alone, but I never really bothered to really think about this before. I counted last night and had no less four in-progress projects within arms reach of where I was sitting and another four or five within easy reach in the same room (not counting anything spinning related). My poor husband. Our living room has been totally taken over. Oh well. At least most of them are pretty small things.

For the things that have deadlines and aren't distractions or just hemming sorts of things (veils and bits of Roman garb), here's what I'm currently working on:

For A&S 30 Triathlon:
  • Finishing the eyelet brick stitch bag (making some good progress here actually)
  • Perugia towel (research and supply collecting phase)
  • Lampwork Rosary (as above, need to schedule a work-day)
For Sapphire raw-wool challenge:
  • MOL mitten (can be seen here)
  • Flat cap (the plan for this event, which is creeping up on a little faster than I would like, is to madder dye some wool I spun from a fleece to make the hat and the little contrast band on the mitten.  Otherwise it's a supper-dull project.   I'm planning on going to Maryland Sheep and Wool this weekend, so I should be able to get some madder root there, or get some from my Laurel (who I'm going with) and do the dying next week, then I can knit and be done with that)
  • Weave napkin for auction/raffle fundraiser (really lacking motivation here for several silly reasons)
  • Get A&S 50 documentation up to date
  • Make clothes for Pennsic (mostly underwear, but I need at least one supportive gown.  I need fabric for this)
  • Finish knitting protective bags for feast gear
  • a totally modern alpaca sweater
  • Finish spinning gotland wool for weaving warp
  • Finish sorting and washing Hog Island fleece
Now that I've listed all this out, I feel bad posting about it.  I should get to work!  How can I be board with this much to do?   My level of productivity over the next few months will be largely governed by whether or not my surgeon decides to proceed with fixing my hip.  If he does, lots of the big stuff that involves standing for any period of time will have to get done soon or put off till after I've recovered from surgery.  Sadly it's my right leg, so I'm not sure how much spinning and weaving I will be able to get done during the early stages of recovery.  At least I will have embroidery and hand-sewing to keep my busy, and maybe I can finally get some of the more complex tablet weaving I've been wanting to try figured out, if I can sort out a way to warp.

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