Monday, June 6, 2011

Finished Roman!

I wore the new Roman for half a day at Sapphire last weekend, but it got a proper first-day-out this weekend at our local Baronial Birthday event.  I still need to make a tunica interior, and I think I am going to turn the Pink-Palla-of-Doom I wore at Sapphire with a silk palla.  The smaller silk veil I wore this weekend was much more comfortable and moved better.  Plus I don't look like Hello Kitty Roman Matron.

Overall the gown did very well.  I had some problems with my mamillare (the bust band that keeps the girls from going all free-range on me, like chickens).  I found this page today, which is from a class at Pennsic a couple of years ago, and I think I've been wrapping it backwards.  This morning I decided to test out the start in front method and so far it working much better.  The girls can't get out the top of the band and nothing seems to be shifting downwards, which was the problem over the weekend.  Yay!

For the stolla, I want to get some better hardware for the straps.  The current version just has purchased trim sewn on, some of the artwork looks like there is jewelry of some kind holding the gown together at the shoulders.  One looks like large round buttons or small brooches, which would be a nice option and give me different ways of wearing the stolla since I could pin the pleats however I wanted that day.  The Pink Palla of Doom is going to become a tunica I think, which I could wear as a stolla if I wanted to go the Hello Kitty route.  Once I make a couple of tunica interiors I will have pretty decent Roman wardrobe for those hot humid events!

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  1. I like it. I like that it's possible to wear these ancient clothes... And I think the colours suit you a lot!