Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weekend report

This weekend I went to Sapphire Joust, a notoriously hot and humid event near Richmond.  Overall, it was fun, though my hip and leg gave me a lot of trouble and I ended up packing out earlier on Sunday than I had planned too.  Oh well, could have been worse.  I did some good shopping, talked with friends, and won the Arts and Sciences competition I had knit the Monmouth cap and mittens for!  yay!  The prize was a really gorgeous spindle, which was perfect for a "Best use of Raw Wool" competition.  This was the last competition I had as Baronial Champion, and it was nice to go out with a successful one.  I've posted a link to the documentation to the right, and will be writing up the pattern for the mitten in the next week or so.  The hat pattern, as I mentioned in my last post, needs some work, so that will be coming as soon as I get it worked out to my satisfaction.

I wore the green hose all day on Saturday, with mundane clogs, and they worked pretty well.  I need to re-cut the feet and take them in a little bit through the leg and ankle to meet with my own particular standards (which are a little OCD, I will admit), but they are comfortable and look pretty good as is.  Bias cutting the foot was definitely a mistake.  this might have worked in wool, but it make for way too much stretching in the linen, and lots of strange bunching around the ball of my foot.  Luckily it all sort of bunched up in a way that was not a problem in my shoe, but I can do better than that.

The blue houppeland was a big hit and looked great, even after a car trip and less than ideal storage in my tent.  And it was comfortable.  I wore it for late-afternoon court on Saturday, sitting in the sun and was quite comfortable.  The hood made for a very nice sun-shade when I flipped the brim forward, though I apparently looked a little bit like a Sith apprentice or something.

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures, but I will be trotting my new Roman out next weekend for our local birthday event and will hopefully get some pictures of that then.  If I am feeling ambitions I may change into the houppland for feast and for court, but we shall see.

Now I must buckle down and finish the brick stitch bag for Pennsic, and get some more undies made so that if I am able to go (more on that later, I'm going in for hip surgery so that may get in the way of camping plans) I will have enough clothes.  And get my stuff for 30 Year done (definitely not going to that as my surgery is slated for the week before, but my entries will be there without me)

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