Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Largess Napkins

I'm not quite sure what possessed me to volunteer to do this but I've decided to weave a pair of napkins for the Pennsic largess basket this year.  I think I was partly inspired by our kingdom having gotten Caid, which is where I went to my very first ever SCA event back when I was still a wide-eyed high school kid.  So it's a little bit nostalgic, and really, how many napkins do I need? 

The napkins are being woven in cottolin, as I had some and it looks nice and is easy to take care of, in natural and a weird sort of light grass green that I'm really not fond of by itself.  It's working up very nicely though.  I'm still surprised by what colors do when you weave with them.  The draft is the rosette twill from Northern European Textiles (which can be found here).  I'll be writing up more extensive documentation on the draft when I'm done, as this is part of my A&S 50 list too, but so far it's going very well.  I managed to get the loom threaded without any mistakes, and my first attempt at using a floating selvedge is going pretty well (if a little slowly at first).

Here's the start of my actual weaving:
The slight lumpiness in the closeup seems to be resolving itself as I'm weaving, I didn't have my warp under quite enough tension when I started weaving and the result is what you see.  The bit I have woven since I took these pictures is much more even and smooth.  I think once everything comes off the loom and gets washed it will even out just fine.  I have found that I need to be much more careful when I am weaving this as the pattern and colors show mistakes very clearly, and since I'm presenting these to foreign royalty and all we can't have too many obvious errors.  As I did with the elevation towel, I made my warp long enough that I should be able to pick the better of 3 or 4 napkins once I am done though.

It turns out this weave is quite similar to the diamond patterned background used on several of the Perugia towels, so this is turning out to be good practice for my next big project.  Warping up the fine linen for that still scares me a little bit, but I think I can manage.  I just have to find some good movies to watch on the laptop while I'm threading and I'll be fine.

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