Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A project for the DH

The DH does sometimes come to events.  Not often, and mostly local ones, but he does come with me.  So he needs cloths to wear that meet my own personal standard of authenticity but also don't take up so much of my time and precious fabric that I resent them not getting worn very often.  Or as often as I would like them to get worn.

Image after Norlund, from M Carlson
Anyway, he came with me to our local 12th night celebration this weekend, and something about that event and my glee at receiving my fabulous turn shoes in the mail has got him wanting new cloths to wear.  He wants a G63.  For those of you not familiar with this term, this refers to a specific men's garment dug up in Greenland that dates to the later part of the 14th century.  This is fine with me as it fits in well with my own persona and most of my own garb, and it's a garment I've been wanting to make anyway.  Plus he will look good in it.

I'm wondering though, there is some weirdness with the sleeve shaping, namely a (seemingly) random vertical seam at the elbow and triangular elbow gore filling out a space where the bottom half of the sleeve is not quite as wide as the top half.  There is also the usual gore at top of the sleeve typical of the Greenland gowns.  I'm wondering if this elbow seaming has any actual purpose or was done due to fabric constraints?  It's a pretty full sleeve so I don't think the elbow gore is there for movement, besides which it's the wrong shape, or at least appears to me.  If I have the right sized fabric, would it be wrong, from an authenticity point of view, to simplify this by eliminating the elbow piecing and making this a two-piece sleeve like all the others?

At least he's willing to wear proper chauses and braies with this thing, that makes it so much more fun me!  I've got to find him some better shoes though.  Ordering some off-the-shelf probably won't work to well for him though as his feet are quite wide and all the turnshoes I've found so far run a little narrow.  We'll figure something out I'm sure.

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