Sunday, February 13, 2011

Brick Stitch Relic Bags

Just a quick update to say that I have posted my KASF documentation for the brick stitch relic bags.  The link is to the right.

Some other great on line resources for those of you interested in brick stitch:

Historical Needlework Resources  - has links to all kinds of extant pieces of needlework, including a number of examples of brick stitch.  They also have a great write up on the Goss Vestments
A Stitch Out of Time  - the article that started it all.  Great analysis of the V&A bags
Finishing the seams of 14th/15th cen. pouches  - an excellent tutorial on the braided seam treatment seen on many extant bags
Medieval Silkwork  - a blog about all kinds of medieval embroidery, including patterns for 2 brick stitch bags in hard-to-get-to (at least for me) collections
Taschen: 13th cen. brick stitch pattern - another pattern I want to try, from another blogger and very accomplished embroiderer.
Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage Search  - where you can find the original lattice bag and other goodies (though you have to do text search in Dutch or French)
Joyce Miller's Embroidery  - charts for two brick stitch projects, a box and a cushion.  The cushion is quite similar to a book cushion in V&A and charted out by Master Wymarc, so similar it took me awhile to figure out they weren't actually the same.  I wonder if they were worked by the same person or in the same convent?  Very curious and interesting.
Brick Stitch Box This is a photo taken from a book in German. The same stitch pattern is on the alter hanging at the Met in New York.

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