Monday, February 7, 2011

Quick update

KASF is done (and there was much rejoicing!), though alas my bag was not.  I will post pictures and my documentation shortly, as soon as I get it converted to PDF and uploaded.  The whole competition part of the event was a little bizarre and once again I fell victim to math errors (addition is hard it seems), but I made a very good impression where it really counts and made some new friends and connections and that's what really matters.   Now I've got a little less than two weeks to get things wrapped up for Ymir, and I will have a tiny bit of a break from competing, at least until Spring Coronation.  I still am not 100% sure what I want to do for that one but I have to submit an application to compete with a short summary of my entry on the 15th though so I need to get it sorted out.  I might revisit my woven hood project from WOW, now that I know more about weaving and have a loom better suited to the task, I think I can come pretty close to reproducing one of the Greenland hoods.  If I had more time I could spin the wool as well, but that's going to take a bit more experimentation for the warp than I have time for.  I should at least be able to do some sampling with handspun to include in my presentation.

I've also been asked to weave a towel for an elevation at the end of the month, which is exciting.  Hopefully all will go well.  This will be my first actual project on the big loom and my first time weaving with cottolin (more forgiving than 100% linen but not as kind as wool), and handing the results over to a new Laurel in the company of a whole bunch of other Laurels is a little scary, but it should be ok.  That it's The First One should make it all the more special.  Or so I keep telling myself.

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