Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Report

I survived Ymir and another A&S competition! This time I entered a persona triathlon, with a Viking theme. Viking is out of my own personal period but as I also do Viking reenactment this isn't much of a stretch. I made a soapstone spindle and spindle shaft (part of my A&S 50 challenge), a Dublin style hood out of handspun and hand-dyed wool, and a pair of mustard's based on archeological evidence of Anglo-Scandinavian cooking. All of these things could be placed in Viking northern England in the 10th century. I came in a very close second, which is a respectable showing, but more importantly lots of people I respect had nice things to say.

I was also apprenticed to one of our local Laurels who knows a great deal about weaving. It was a very nice little ceremony, I got meet my new apprentice sister who gave me an "I don't Suck Box" to keep my display tokens in. Margret, my Laurel, gave me a really neat cup and some linen in accordance with my indenture agreement, and I presented her with a towel I had woven. It's got some mistakes, but better ones are on the way!

Overall it was a very nice event. The weather was lovely, I got to see lots of friends, and make some new ones. I think the hubs even had fun, and he's not usually that excited by these things.

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