Thursday, February 24, 2011

Supply issues

I'm waiting on yarn for what I sincerely hope will be my last competition entry as Baronial Champion (Spring Coronation)*.  It should have been here and warped a week ago, but the warp yarn was backordered, and rather than sending a coherent backorder notice, the supplier sent a very cryptic email with the missing item highlighted in red (nothing else, just red font), and then didn't respond to my emails asking for a different color for 4 days until they sent a shipment notification.  Really, you run a WEB BUSINESS, must I pick up the phone to check order status or get a question answered in a timely manner?  I don't think I'm being unreasonable to expect that an email would get a response in 24 hours.  So something is on it's way, but I don't actually know what color warp yarn I'm getting for this project.  Nice.  Cuz I'm not under a time crunch or nervous about this entry at all or anything.  sigh.

At least this gives me time to work on my documentation and do the spinning samples I had wanted to do.  The current plan to weave the cloth for the actual project out of commercial yarn, but spin yarn to weave samples to show something closer to what the actual artifact was made from.  We'll see how that goes over.  I just don't have time to handspin for the whole project and I've never spun for warp (never mind spun singles for warp), so trying to sort that out in the amount of time I have is just not realistic.

*though now that I think about there will probably be at least one more...I should probably look into that.

EDIT - the wool has arrived!  It's the right color, though darker than I thought it would be.  It'll be fine.  And upon further investigation there is one more competition but as it's "best use of raw wool" it should be fairly easy to come up with something.

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