Monday, April 4, 2011

Competition Report

It went well, really well!  As in, somehow, I won!  Hurray!  I'm sort of stunned by the whole thing.  I think I might have squeaked a little when I realized they were announcing I had won, and I know there were a lot of Kermit-arms from several directions.  Everyone worked really hard on their entry, so actually winning feels like a huge accomplishment.  And humbling.

Plus the prize was awesome.  The lady running the whole thing had hand-bound a book and done all kind of beautiful and amazing painting on the covers and along the edges of the pages.  It's really beautiful.  I need to make a bag and a book rest for it, a perfect a excuse to try another one of the brick stitch patterns I've been looking at actually.  I can't bring myself to make another bag, but a book rest would be perfect and worthy of the book.

Now I've got to finalize plans for the raw wool competition at Sapphire in May, which will be last at Baronial Champion, and get started on some woven napkins for a feast gear basket we'll be raffling off as a fundraiser for the barony at our upcoming birthday event.  Plus some tablet weaving (I need a couple of belts and filet for my veils along with a good Viking demo project) and some garb.  But mostly it should all be fun/display stuff for a little while.  I just need to finish the eyelet-bag-of-doom and I will have a nice display for Pennsic.  After that, I have no set plans for anything and that's a fine place to be.

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