Monday, April 25, 2011

A little progress and some sheep

I didn't get to spend as much time sewing over the weekend as I had hoped.  Saturday wasn't overly productive as I ended up getting dragged to the office by the hubbs after lunch, then vigil mass in the evening, which pretty well took care of the day.  All I did was fiddle with the back of neck, which I cut a little too wide.  Luckily the collar will cover my fix and now I know to cut the back narrower than I think it needs to be for next time.  Sunday I did manage to get the sleeves adjusted and sewn, the velvet cuffs attached, and one sleeve set in before we had to go to the in-laws for dinner and head up to Williamsburg for the Last Aikido Class of the Academic Year (and there was much rejoicing!).

I sewed the lining down on the one sleeves and took some pictures this morning.  What a difference the sleeve makes to the drape!  I really am pleased with how this is coming out.  For outdoor events, this should work out to being a very comfortable gown.

Here is the front view with the sleeve attached.  The center is still caving into the cavity of the dress form, but the draping is working out pretty well:

And the back.  You can see how the gown is folding and rippling better without the caving in issue, and also were I made a little tuck in each side of the neck to narrow it a bit:

On our way to aikido on Sunday we stopped by one of the sheep enclosures in the Williamsburg historic section.  Some of the Leicester longwools have lambed and the lambs were out.  I'm not sure if it's common to the breed, but the ewe's seem to have all twined this year.  There were 2 mamma sheep and 4 lambs in this particular enclosure.   One of the lambs was trying to chew on the a brick wall, which reminded me a little of my dog Molly (a Chihuahua mix who is famous for eating many strange non-food items, and also wasabi).  Sweaters-on-the-hoof are always fun to watch!

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