Friday, April 29, 2011

The finished Houppeland!

Here it is, in all it's smurfy glory!  I am really pleased with how this gown turned out.  The linen ended up working well, and the gown is very comfortable.  It's very, very blue, but oh well. 

I really need to make a wider belt and a better undergown/scarf/partlet thing for the neck area, but other than that I am quite happy.  As far as the neck filler-inner bit, I had a great deal of trouble with a straight cut scarf.  It kept bunching up funny.  I ended up using a square veil and folding it on the bias kerchief style, which worked well but looked quite bulky.  I think either a partlet type thing or a v-neck under shift will work better in future.


  1. I love it, and it does not look smurfy to me. Smurfs are more to the aqua side of blue... ;-)
    I'm a follower going out of shadows. I must say I really appreciate your blog, because medieval clothing is one of my areas of interest (not expertise, far from it) and it's good to read about it on such a clear blog... I mean, your blog is a pleasure to look at and read through, and that means a lot to a reader...

  2. Thank you all! The whole thing looked much more smurf-like when I had the white muslin mock-up of the hood on with it :)