Friday, April 1, 2011

Hood is done!

And I mean really and truly done!  The documentation is linked to the right for those so inclined to weaving geekery.  Here is the final product:

I'm very happy with this how this came out.  The results of the Z/S experiment were not nearly as impressive to look at, but I think I have some ideas about the whole thing.  The short version is (and more on this later as I will do a separate write-up for my A&S 50 list) that there is really no difference in the visual appearance of the fabric when you have Z warp and S weft vs. Z warp and Z weft, BUT the Z/S combo seems to produce a loftier, fuller cloth that would presumably be warmer.  It *might* also be softer, but that particular result wasn't reproducible with the supplies I had on hand so I will have to do some more experimenting.  Oh darn.

Now I must get myself packed up for the weekend!  I'm feeling marginally less nervous about this thing now that it's all done and I've gotten a look at the whole project laid out on a table. 

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